BIPOC Trauma Professionals

Gathering of SEHC BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) Trauma Professionals has emerged as a commitment to continuing our growth in diversity and inclusivity. To address the needs and concerns of our BIPOC community, SE students and SEP’s.

We started with our first gathering in July 2020 and continue to meet every second Wednesday of each month.

All SEHC BIPOC students from all generations, including BIPOC assistants are welcome to join our gatherings.

Let’s gather in sacred time to share what is needed, grieve, vent, and support each other. To celebrate our joys and prioritize ourselves in our many expressions. Have social engagement time. Come together as SE BIPOC trauma professionals and allow for communication on how we can continue to increase diversity of students in our SE trainings, increase exposure to SE, and serve more BIPOC in our communities. There will be room for SE consultation on issues related to clients including those clients we are working with of various ethnicity, color, culture, etc.

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