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Somatic Experiencing Houston Community (SEHC)

Somatic Experiencing Houston Community, SEHC is a network of professionals dedicated to assisting the Greater Houston area in healing from the effects of traumatic events. Our common thread is being trained in and utilizing Somatic Experiencing® (SE™), a body oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders. Although many of the professionals on this site have many different types of training, licenses and education, we all know that SE™ is a powerful model that truly brings peace to those who are ready to work through the trauma and find new openings.

Who We Are

We in the Houston and surrounding areas are a vast group of diverse individuals, with different experiences, responsibilities, concerns and celebrations. No matter who you are we cannot dismiss the fact that we as a city have gone through some tremendous traumas and stressors that have put a strain on many people in different ways. From natural disasters, to school shootings, to sexual trafficking, to military trauma, to domestic violence, to daily survival issues, to relational trauma, to many other traumatic events that a large city could go through, our goal at SEHC is to assist individuals to know they have a core group of professionals dedicated to healing trauma scars.

Houston, know that the members of the Somatic Experiencing Houston Community are here to provide continued assistance and excellence in trauma resolution. We are ready to help people return to their lives without having the effects of trauma causing them difficulty or feeling unable to move forward. Let’s remain Houston Strong together.

This form of trauma work requires an extensive level of training and dedication. Those on this site have various levels of SE™ training and this will be noted accordingly.


Thank you to our Advocates!


BIPOC Trauma Professionals

We as a trauma healing Houston SE community support all people of color in our communities, in our cohorts and around the nation and world.

When Black Lives Matter, then All Lives Matter
We Support you,
We Believe in you
We stand in Solidarity with you.

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Please register by following the link in our profile @somaticexperiencingint

Please register by clicking here https://traumahealing.org/HoustonBasics23

March 17, 2023, Basic Principles of Somatic Experiencing for Black, Indigenous & People of Color – In Person – Houston, Texas

This Basic Principles of Somatic Experiencing for BIPOC is a 1-day day workshop for professionals interested in learning the basic principles and theory of the SE model and to learn more about the SE Professional Training Program.

Honoring our commitment to serving the needs of those who have, to date, been under-represented in the SE community, Somatic Experiencing International continues to be dedicated to spreading more of the knowledge about SE to BIPOC (Indigenous, Black and otherwise identified People of Color) professionals.

This workshop will provide the opportunity to learn the Basic Principles of SE within an audience of multi-cultural and multi-ethnic practitioners dedicated to supporting their marginalized communities in healing from the damaging effects of trauma. Participants will be able to learn the SE basic skills and framework within the safe environment of a BIPOC training team and participants and explore how the skills are applicable to their communities.

We will explore how issues of racism and historical oppression impact our experiences of traumatic events and how culture and connection to culture helps to heal trauma.

Registration (Tier 1): $125
Registration (Tier 2): $100