SEHC Generations

Our graduates over the years


2017-2018 Generation #1

Our First Generation of SE students began the 2017/2018 training cycle in Houston Texas. We had 15 students who completed the two year cycle and went on to complete their Advanced year in 2019. We continue to grow our SE presence in Houston and surrounding areas as we continue with new generations of students every 2 years. In 2021 we will begin our 3rd generation of SE student trainees and welcome all who are wanting to help with the trauma healing process in our wonderful city.

The SEHC training begins the first 2 years of trainings towards designation as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP). Each Generation consists of the Beginning and Intermediate years of training. The 3rd year, aka Advanced Year of training typically is in another location. All 3 years are needed on the road to SEP designation. To register for the next SEHC generation cycle go to

2019 – 2020 Generation #2

2019 – 2020 Generation #2

2021 – 2022 Generation #3